Pfarrhaus Krumbach 2014
Krumbach | Österreich

Task: House for rectory and clubs
Client: Parish and municipality Krumbach

Working partnership: Bernardo Bader Architects, Bechter Zaffignani Architects
and Architects Hermann Kaufmann
Team: Joachim Ambrosig, Andreas Rabara | Dornbirn
Site manager: Baumeister Gerold Hämmerle | Dornbirn
Structural engineer: merz kley partner ZT GmbH | Dornbirn
Photograph: Adolf Bereuter | Dornbirn
Floor space: 756m²
Energy: Passive house 10 kWh/m²a
Structure: Timber construction

»work on the village«

For over ten years the municipality of Krumbach pursued a very committed construction program, which
essentially concerned the structural development of the village center. The rectory is seen as a preliminary
‘milestone’ in this process. In its function as a cultural and multipurpose building, the rectory plays an
important role in Krumbach’s public life, reinforced by its spatial presence in the in the village square.
Inside the building, a parish hall (small village hall), the parish office with rectory as well as a library and
the rehearsal room for the music club and choir. The diverse range of uses provides additional vitalization
and attractiveness for Krumbach’s village center.

The Rectory is a socially sustainable building, demonstrating a well-considered intervention led by a small
community’s effort to provide a form of infrastructure to its citizens that best supports and promotes a lively
village life.