Tegernsee Hotel 2019
Bad Wiessee | Germany

Task: Hotel at the Tegernsee
competition 2nd prize

Architecture: bernardo bader architekten
Team: M. Kastl (PL), C. Bär, D. Astner
Modelmaking: Pascal Gnädinger
Visualisation: Sonaar Visualisierung & Photografie

A structure unifying different identities

The region around Tegernsee in Bavaria is steeped in tradition and culture. The new hotel complex is located in Bad Wiessee near the lake shore of Tegernsee, with a view of the dramatic backdrop of the Mangfall mountains. To be close enough to urban life in Munich and yet far enough from it all was one of the requirements. The building client also desires a naturalistic retreat and a place of encounter. A sense of community is also to be manifested through the built and unbuilt environment, playing on a subtle mixture of openness and hidden retreats.

In keeping with these ideas – as well as the built and natural context – we decided to conceive the hotel as an ensemble – its own village. We envisioned a design that would accommodate various identities and uses.

The green spaces at the heart of the village were always important parts of a functioning system and not merely undeveloped land. Along these lines, our starting point was also an open space. All planned buildings are centered around these open spaces. Due to being intensely used for apartments, residences, the spa, gym, arrival, restaurants and parking, this undeveloped area in particular infuses the entire complex with an air of grandness. This sense of completeness does not foresee any residual spaces.