Haus am Wiesenweg 2014
Wolfurt | Austria

Task: House with courtyard
Client: Private
Tender: Direct – under construction

Architecture: Bernardo Bader Architects | Dornbirn
Team: Philipp Bechter (PL) | Dornbirn
Site manager: Berchtold Holzbau | Wolfurt
Structural engineer: Mader & Flatz | Bregenz
Photographs: Bernardo Bader Architekten | Dornbirn
Floor space: 212m²
Energy: Big stove, thermal heat pump with depth probe
Structure: Timber construction

A single family house with a focus on privacy. The L-shaped building in extension through the covered terrace defines the courtyard house.
The house at Wiesenweg claims the generous site to its limits. The remaining area is the minimum distance to the neighbours. The slight hillside situation of the property allowed the elevation of the building and fulfils the intention of privacy. The entrance hall leads to the kitchen and the dining place at the terrace. In regard to the barrier-free living, the parents’ bedroom including a bathroom unit is situated at the ground floor. The children’s rooms are in the upper floor.